The Performing People NLP Business Diploma (4 days, split into 2 sessions) provides you with a thorough and comprehensive grounding in all the concepts and principles of NLP and practice in all the essential NLP techniques enabling you to really improve your communication, performance and the impact you have on others.  Our NLP Diploma course offers practical business application of NLP techniques and a fun and experiential learning experience, all for £750 + vat.

Next course scheduled for 7-8th and 28-29th April 2017.  Full

Special Offer – Book before 31st January 2017 for the early bird price of £695 + vat.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

business group

  • Understand and start to apply the core concepts and principles of NLP
  • Start to develop the mindset for success
  • Know how to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Be able to manage your state
  • Be able to build rapport easily and influence people
  • Be able to use language to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Develop your ability to notice what is really happening around you and in other people
  • Be able to define your goals in a way that increases your motivation to achieve them
  • Control your mind and remain in a resourceful state, even when the pressure is on
  • Be able to understand the perspective of other people and modify your behaviour

The course covers:

  • What is NLP?
  • The NLP Communication Model
  • The Mindset for Success
  • The secret to achieving what you want
  • How we represent information in our minds
  • Developing your sensory awareness
  • How to make friends and influence people
  • How to define your goals and achieve them
  • How to manage your state
  • Being in control of your mind and remaining resourceful
  • Using language to achieve the results you want
  • How to understand other people’s perspective

This course will be of benefit to those people who:

  • have recently been promoted and who need to demonstrate their leadership
  • have experienced a major change in their life and want some techniques to help them
  • are struggling to communicate effectively and need help getting their message across
  • want to make a bigger impact and get more recognition or achieve more success
  • want to understand how to influence people around them
  • want to use language with more finesse to get the results they want
  • want to develop more beneficial relationships at work and in their life
  • are looking to understand other people’s point of view to resolve conflict

The Performing People NLP Diploma is a 4-day course priced at £750 (excl. VAT).

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